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  • 01.How can I register to work in Japan?

    To be able to register to work in Japan, we need to:Chat to Facebook, the company can call our colleagues at 085 88 85 35 and another line 069 820 665 or can contact directly at the head office in NPIC.

  • 02.What skills does the company need?

    The company has selected key skills such as: - For car repair technical trainees - General mechanical trainees, welding, construction, lighting, metal, printing ...

  • 03.How much does it cost to work in Japan?

    To apply for a job in Japan, you need to have two major expenses. 1. Passport fee 2. The cost of preparing documents, accommodation during study, medical examination, training fee ... The total amount that you can go to Japan is $ 4,800.The terms of payment have two stages.For the first stage, after the interview is completed, the company will send you for a health examination. If you pass the health test, you will be required to pay the first stage, which is $ 1,800.For the second stage, after you receive a residence permit from Japan, you receive a visa and a plane ticket, and one week before departure, the final stage is required to pay a total of $ 3,000.

  • If I do not have enough money, can I apply to work in Japan?

    Please also note that the company has two payment options: Option 1 is to use cash prepared by you and your family. Option 2 In case you cannot afford it, we will provide financing terms through a microfinance partner that facilitates the payment, even if you do not have collateral, you can still use this option.

  • 05. How many years does it take to work in Japan?

    Going to work in Japan lasts from 3 to 5 years, can reach up to 10 years, if you have the ability to meet the conditions, can continue up to 10 years.

  • 06. What are the conditions and documents to register for the interview?

    The conditions and documents required for the interview are:- Must be a student who is graduating or has completed a course at a technical school under the Ministry of Labor- Appropriate age and company requirements- No tattoos on the body- No history of low back pain- Work related experience- Required documents include:- Identity card- Degree and Certificate of Education- Photo card- Health certificate related to liver (B and C) and lung (tuberculosis)

  • 07. Can a successful interviewer actually go to work in Japan?

    In case you pass the interview and pass the health test, you will have a priority of 98% in case of non-return may be due to changes in health factors.

  • 08. What is the selection process like?

    The selection process consists of:1. Register to participate (after parental permission)2. Prepare a resume for the interview3. Pre-training 1 day before interview4. Interview and announcement of results5. A health test to determine if you can get stuck or fall.6. Announce the final result and prepare to pay the first stage before entering the training course.

  • 09. How long does it take for an interview to be completed before leaving for Japan?

    Generally, the interviewer has to attend a training course between 4 and 5 months to be able to go to Japan.

  • 10. What kind of candidates can apply to work?

    Candidates who can apply for the interview have a high priority on students who have studied at all technical schools under the TVET of the Ministry of Labor.

  • 11. How much can you earn by working in Japan?

    Working in Japan can earn between $ 1,100 and $ 1,500 (may include overtime pay)The last money received after deducting the cost of accommodation, water and electricity is not less than $ 1,000.

  • 12. What about accommodation and travel in Japan?

    Accommodation and travel are arranged by a receptionist in Japan. Most accommodations are close to work or you may have to ride your bike to work.

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