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President’s message

We all know that Cambodia is a country that has lost human resources and their structure of education during their dark history.

To contribute towards developing Cambodia, we have cooperated with JICA on training technicians project for many years.

Meanwhile, the Japanese government declared a new policy to accept a total of 340,000 professional workers over the next 5 years. Therefore, our company initiates the dispatching business by corporation with Cambodian Government on the purpose of more distribution to Cambodia and Japan.

We are not only a company dispatching workers to fulfill the lack of labor force in Japan.

Based on our long-term idea of developing Cambodian human resources, we have established a high-quality training program that ensures you can work smoothly in Japan and that gives you the chance to develop your technical and Japanese skills to improve your career after you return to Cambodia.

Our clients in Japan are big companies and our Cambodian staffs support the living and work of trainees in Japan, which helps them to live comfortably in Japan.

After returning to Cambodia, our group company will also provide the opportunity to create independent business, and work at big company, and we will become a role model to contribute to the development of human resource in Cambodia.

Please get this opportunity and register with us to develop your career. We look forward to supporting your success both in Cambodia and Japan.

Mr. Takeshi Kuroda


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